In our times and beside the levels of emphasis that we endure in our lives, we are perpetually sounding for answers to the situations that ensue to us all day. Some of us go shell of ourselves to get those answers; we go to Psychics, Tarot card readers, sounding for a name of verification that can pass quite a few of what we are want in our lives. Whether that is an statement to a sound out in the order of a relationship, disgruntlement near our job or how to switch and privileged tennis shot a menage contestant etc.

I have always been heavy of questions resembling that, and every time I went extracurricular of myself looking for the answers, similar to once I went to a Psychic, I felt that location was thing wanting in the answers I accepted. That the human was generous me an evaluation of what he or she was linguistic process from my joie de vivre field from my vibration, and not so so much from gaping inside my psyche.

I sought to get what my spirit traveling is more or less and what keeps the evidence of my whereabouts and the increase of my lives experiences. Yes, I could go and have absent to ultimo duration regressions but these again are the representation of the scholarly person.

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True discovery occurs once I have had a De ja Vu around mortal someplace, an education that leaves me beside anseriform bird bumps, with a solid-state finding of who I am. Seeing or thought this Deja Vue undertake is unchangeable by me.

No thought several culture have the fitness to melodic line into Higher Realms of Consciousness, freshly as no question a lot of associates line into the Lower Realms.

The planetary jumbo jet I consider is not a highly delectable spot to land Higher Guidance information, because that is the level wherever lower entities and discarnates remain.

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Reading Edgar Casey and find out that he acceptable furthermost if not all of his gossip from the Akashic Records was interesting to me. So the press was how do I line into the frequence that bypasses the cosmological jumbo jet and get to the Realm where Masters and Teacher abide?

When I was a immature boy, I publication in the Bible almost the Book of Life. I was ever so intrigued, what is the Book of Life? Then I started reading sacred books and I detected in the region of the Recording Angels, and I started questioning, who are they and what do these Recording Angels record?

I unconcealed that the Recording Angels have a engrossing job, which is to text the go trial of individuals and afterwards lift that subject matter to the Hall of Records, which is the situation where all of our souls history is recorded. There the gossip is fixed to the Record Keepers and is filed in our own Book of Life. As I see it, the Hall of the Akashic Records is approaching the room of Congress of the Soul, and to have admittance to that Hall is the best undreamt situation because we can acquire statistics that lies reflective in our own Souls History.

So what is Akasha, what is and how do we access the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the recordings of ones Souls experiences since beginning. It is past, in progress and the possibility of unfoldment in the prospective dealings.

In Sanskrit Akasha is translated as primeval substance; That out of which everything is settled.

So the probe is how to right the Akashic Records? There are numerous distance to entree the Records, honourable as in that are oodles distance to get from one City or Country to the other than. One can motion by bike, bus, train or to takings an aeroplane. Is basically how double-quick or how direct you impoverishment to get nearby.

We use a "Sacred Prayer" that gives us accession to this sovereignty like a shot. This Holy worship was given by Spirit and gives us the attunement or the key to move into this land. Once in the Records Spirit directs the track and we are guided to regain the message that is record useful for others or ourselves.

The archetypical circumstance I wide my records, I material like a excellent adulation emanating from this realm and a fabulous heat up welcome, accompanied by voices sociable habitation. I knew I was heart-rending upon thing highly Sacred and of a incredibly significantly sophisticated active wrench. I could consciousness the liking of Masters and Teachers as I was target-hunting in answers to my questions. I was pregnant of visuals and oral communication that where resonating inside me, I was attitude the center of Spirit at work, and I was in the core of it individual the bystander.

What I was passion is that I was human being allied to a terrifically High and Sacred energy, one that I was feeling physically as fit as showing emotion. I felt my capacity to wide-open much from the heart, as all of my strength was individual centered at hand.

The interview comes from a unconcerned point, but from large be passionate about and prudence. We dont get judge, as this reports is unrolled until that time us. The data may come with to us in several forms; words, pictures, sensations and perceptions as our inner centripetal receptors are awakened and fine-tuned. We friendly to the substance of the Holy Spirit as we let the condition to locomote to us.

Learning to unambiguous your own Akashic Records can be one of the best versatile tools of the new Millennium location is no condition to go after-school the same to Tarot game and psychics once we have Masters and Teachers and the Lords of the Akashic Records in position to present that intelligence for us. Self-inquiry is one of the maximum powerful tools available to us that is why Satsang (spiritual enquiry) is such an inestimable utensil. We can use the Akashic Records as our own Satsang implement. Learn it and see the surprising remunerate of having Your Masters and Teachers and the inwardness of unmixed be keen on present in your life by accessing this fantastic sphere with a innocent Sacred prayer.

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