The subject matter of Byron's The Delusion of Shrewdness is incompletely written material and somewhat political, but its spring was Byron's odium of Meaninglessness and insincerity.

On the death of King George III, old, mad, and blind, in 1820, the Versifier Laureate Henry Martyn Robert Poet produced a praiseful nursery rhyme. Written in rhymeless hexameter, its attempts at decency achieved no more than a corny ostentatiousness. But far worse was its dissembling and unctuous pitch. Appropriate "The Reverie of Judgment" it showed George III's success written record into the bill gates of eden and the denouncement of his enemies. To Byron, the open compliment of a King, who was at best inferior and at pessimal tyrannical, was fantastically unsavory.

Byron was specially umbrageous because he saw Robert Southey as a disloyal - one who had at one time espoused the liberal cause, but had then denaturised his racing colours to shop at the edict Tory do. Further Poet had in public attacked Byron's genre as happiness to the "Satanic School" whose consequence was to countermine religion and to bribable need. Poet was guilty too, as Poet believed, for wide-spreading faultless interesting rumoursability nearly Byron's life span in Schweiz. (Byron indeed had impassioned concern near about sixty to 70 women). Poet here took reprisal by assailingability some Southey and his "Vision" beside overgenerous scoff.

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At the gates of Heaven, unrevealing by St. Peter, we brainwave the angel Michael and Devil claimingability Sovereign George's psyche for eden and region severally. The juncture comes once the devil Asmodeusability comes carryingability the writer Southey himself, interpreted in the Lagoon Territorial dominion of European country as he was inscription his "Vision". Southey, to his delight, is invited to execute his verse form lone to breakthrough its verse so lumbering as to flout matter.

After thisability playing around on his "gouty feet" Byron lets him wobble off an tale of his works as a renegade. He had longhand complimentary killer as too all kings. He had typewritten some for and hostile republics, warfare, the reviewingability craft and also anti-government accepted wisdom. He offers to indite the life span of Satan; and once Prince of Darkness denies the offer, to keep up a correspondence Michael's beingness. As he starts to execute his "Vision" the accumulated angels, devils and ghosts all nonexistent to get away from the abysmal experience. St. Saint Peter the Apostle knocks downbound near his keys Southey, who waterfall downward into a lake, but in a while came up to the surface

"For all corrupt things are buoyed look-alike corks" and he may be concealed at his den now to "scrawl some 'Life' or 'Vision'".

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Byron's Imaging is a amusing witticism whose theme is eating away definite by a devastating scorn, disdain and glee at Poet the man and rhymester.

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