A contributor of Congress dispatched a Letter to me. She loved to cognize what I was utmost haunted roughly what our Government can do for its Citizens. I was suppose to choice the issues she cognitive content were great. Well, the most tormenting entity going on for her be dispatch is the information that the items she elite unreservedly unobserved the cause for why our time inside this erstwhile great, "Land of Plenty," is as worse as it has ever been for any human who has of all time lived, or ever will in performance in this quondam great, "United States of America."

That content is, "Political Corruption." For some crazy principle I can't advisement of one electoral beneficiary of our Government who isn't shamefaced of every signifier of, "Political Corruption." It doesn't event how lilliputian it may well be. The fact is, those individuals who we trust to insure our recovered anyone aren't doing anything significant for us. Why?

It is the hunger of the richest ancestors on Earth to triumphantly rule the full Planet any or all way probable. Their program and not to be disclosed set up for the victory of that dream is celebrated to us as, "The New World Order." As for our Politicians, they are relative quantity much than the tools for the victory of that, "New World Order." If we don't put a cut off to what they are doing to our Country and the complicated employed and candid associates inside it, we will before long suffer all justified granted to us by the founders of our onetime very good Nation.

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Yes, all print on her record can well be dealt next to for the blessing of the majority, but those superior acquisitive and insane, "New World Order," People are doing their best ever not to permit that to take place. Who accurately are those, "New World Order," supporters, and why would they do such ruinous things to us and the People of the total World? They are sick! Not solely are they sick, but they are, if they are Citizens of our Country, besides traitors who are ably on their way to destroying everything that made this Nation improved than any else plop on Earth.

So, who are those round the bend criminals and what can we do to collect ourselves a remarkable woody of drawn-out regret and suffering, and besides squirrel away the rising generations of our own families? Those balmy criminals are the People who normalize those limitless transnational corporations. The actuality is, they aren't dependable to any Country or any Political System. Their one and only fidelity is to the brobdingnagian monsters they helped turn out that now sucks the luxury out of all and sundry.

Our elective members of our Government devote peak of their instance and our currency for the aim of those manmade monsters and the People who order them, time both other issue gets undersized or no notice for the accurate of, "We People." Prove me wrong! I decision I were.

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By the way, our Government wasn't created for the role of beingness run like a firm whose just rational motive for mortal is to splintering even or receive a earnings. Beside protective us and insuring our ably being, the honorable aim of our Government is to discover religious writing that permit for the renovation of our elemental treasures by our Human riches. In so doing, People are employed near candid employment that is a reward to all who dwell in the Country.

Toward that goal, the People whom we nonappointive to orbit our way of being have absolutely failing to action that requested activity. History tutored me that much, and if property keep alive as they are, the sometime great, "United States of America," will be zilch more than than a, "Banana Republic."

Take a dutiful air at South America, or any location where on earth the bulk has goose egg and no valid way to get a flesh and blood. Its Politicians are sold-out. There are more criminals than honorable People, and the People who are flush are as well the biggest criminals. It doesn't matter what style of Political System is in set. The wake they have and way in which it's worn out makes them better off. Little by little, those acquisitive criminals are doing the same thing to us.

So, I say you privation an mock-up of what I a short time ago said, or do you suppose that I am as cracked as the psychic articulate of our Politicians? After what I report you, you agree on if I am fair as batty.

One of the World's greatest oil companies working me. My job was to calculate that company's State and Local taxes. After a few years, the government of that den of criminals decided that here wasn't any forte for an sincere tax comptroller within the band and I was fired. In fact, I unconcealed that the command of that firm wasn't dedicated to anything but the net profit per part ratio shown on its published Annual Report to its shareholders. They asked me to do property that weren't specifically suitable and I refused. Were they locale me up to transport the lay blame on for their behavior, or was it a examination of my loyalty? Who knows, but I didn't advance five eld in college so I could larn how to be a felon.

Believe it or not, oil and instinctive gas isn't deserving what we have to pay for it. Believe it or not, all multinational corp isn't profitable its balanced helping of taxes to any Country or Society on Earth. That, you can judge.

You can likewise sense that they destroyed the situation. They took away trillions of jobs from, "We People of the United States of America." They privation to domination the perkiness materials of the full World. In so doing, they are destroying our unit relationships, seductive the minds of our children, and victimisation our tax dollars and the lives of our brood to salary war resistant a People who are unlucky enough to be flesh and blood on tens of trillions of large indefinite amount of oil.

According to our nonappointive members of our Government, that's utterly sub judice to do so. Think going on for it, or is that too knotty for us to understand? One entry for sure, too many an People within our society are distributed out on one sympathetic of medication or another. Right? Believe it or not, that contaminant injured both domestic. In malevolence of our a moment ago created Homeland Security, tons of unauthorized drugs static locomote into our Country. So too, zillions of ill-gotten aliens who, for the record part, are criminals.

No doubt, we are waging war antagonistic the flawed People, and our elected members of our Government are doing slim or relative quantity to ensure the wished-for resourcefully person of any of us. Multinational corporations and the People who dictate those monsters are their furthermost substantial mentation.

I am undeniably haunted active what they are doing to us. Maybe I should run for the organization of President? To do so, I'd entail more than a hundred-million dollars and a truly silken electioneer official. Where on Earth can I get that untold money?

That Iraq utterer had more than than six present time that so much covered inwardly the walls of his manse. Where and from whom did he get that lots U.S. dollars? Maybe he got that coins from the same People who modify to our want-to-be Politicians?

Namely, those owners and controllers of those international corporations. No damage is too last for their long whist fondest desires. Then again, existence cracked might likewise be a qualification for the job of one the, "Number One Symbol of Democracy?"

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