Major and less important triads (chords) can be drawn-out by tally precise proceedings to the straight line. The subsequent detail shows how we can play"extended-chords" in the key of C leading. Try these new chords:

  • C E G A (C6)
  • D F A C (Dm7)
  • E G B D (Em7)
  • F A C E (F chief 7)
  • G B D F (G7)
  • A C E G (Am7)
  • B D F Ab (B diminished 7)

Now go rear and "plug" the new chords into any progressions that you have skillful for a new sound! For example, the I / vi / ii / V progress in the key of G MAJOR would become:

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G Major 7 / b subsidiary 7 / E accompanying 7 / D7

Much much colorful than the untested progression, right?


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  • Major Seventh Chord: 1 3 5 7 (the 1st,3rd,5th and 7th transcript in the crucial scale-example: CMAJ.7=C E G B)
  • Minor Seventh Chord: 1 b3 5 b7 (flat the 3rd and 7th report in the scale- example: Cm7=C Eb G Bb)
  • Dominant Seventh Chord: 1 3 5 b7
  • Diminished Seventh Chord: 1 b3 b5 bb7 (double smooth as glass the ordinal short letter)

Try extending the chords in individual incompatible keys and after exploitation them to be a few "colorful" chord progressions. In command to be efficient in exploitation these lengthy chords, you must larn and procedure them in all 12 keys. Of course, in proclaim to do that, you involve to revise the key signatures and the most important scales. In the completely to hand incoming I will be caption articles on these subjects.

If you inevitability support in composing chord progressions, see my nonfictional prose "Chord Progressions-The Building Blocks of Songs". Also expression for more approaching articles almost songwriting and auditory communication hypothesis. In fact, my goal is to grant articles astir every characteristic of rudimentary music idea. An empathy of auditory communication is one of the extreme gifts a organism can acquire and I would similar to give support to YOU assertion that gift!

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